April 2006

So Far, So Good

Well, I just got home from my Fourth game of the Season.

I caught 3 of the games against Baltimore, and now the first game of the Royals.

It’s been Fun !!  Opening Day was exciting, especially with a "Full House." 
Winning, obviously, would have been the only thing to make it better, but it was still exciting.  I got a chance to have a few words with our new Owner, and he was awesome, a real "Genuine Guy," the kind of Owner, a community like ours deserves.

Well, here’s how I did:

I’ve been spreading it around, and having some fun with different players, mostly sticking with Veterans.
Jeff Conine  0 – 3, with a K and a walk 0 LOB
Javy Lopez  0 – 2, with a K and a walk  *  0 LOB
                      * (He did get a hit, but it was after we left. I had to get my kids home. it was a school night, but I heard his hit on the radio on our ride home)
Kevin Millar 0 – 4, with a K.  I had to get on him after having two home runs the day before, in a losing cause. 4 LOB
Mark Grudzielanek  0- 3, with a walk. 1 LOB

My material has been pretty much the same as always, just I’m really being as loud as ever,  and being nonstop with my banter, challenging the players to get a hit.

It seems, that when you drop the "gauntlet" they try harder to get that hit.
Well, I’ve had some "so called" success, but I wish we were in first place.  The loss yesterday in the finale to the Orioles was tough to swallow, with the homer by Mora.  Maybe I’ll give him some special attention during their next visit.

Oh well…

Let’s go Rays!!  Sweep the Royals and lets’ go on the Road over .500.

The Heckler