March 2006

Genuine Enthusiasm

What a breath of fresh Air!!

As I’m driving Home, I’m listening to the radio, as the "Drive-Home" host of our afternoon Sports radio show is live at Al Lang Stadium in St. Pete.

It’s Friday Afternoon, and the Rays are preparing for an Evening game against the Reds.

Maddon is up first in the interview seat, then later I hear Toby Hall.
In the "ever so young" life of the Rays, I’ve never heard such genuine enthusiasm for the up coming season as I do now.  As a fan, it excites me to what the season holds for us.  My expectations are high, as are those of my entire family who are "Die-Hard" Rays Fans.

You always have to expect the Best when you’re a fan.  There’s nothing greater than the pride you feel when your Home Town Team does well.

I feel sorry for the Fans who live here locally, and consider themselves Tampa Bay Residents, but come to the Trop to cheer for teams from their "old" homes.  That actually shows their lack of commitment, and insecurity in their own lives.  They don’t know what their missing.  But, then again, I guess the "Band-Wagon" Fans have to come from somewhere.

Go Rays!!

The Heckler

Spring Swing

We’re now almost a week into the Grapefruit League action, and I find myself scrambling to keep up with the Rays’ games.  Unfortunately, I’m unable to get to the day games during spring training, so I do what I can to keep up with their progress.

So far so good, and I’m excited to see what shakes out as our starting lineup.
I can’t remember such an exciting Spring Season for the Rays as this season.  There are so many strong players exerting themselves as viable starters.  Let’s just say, that I don’t envy Coach Maddons’ position in trying to put together this Team, considering the incredible potential we possess, and the phenomenal talent that may have to wait on the Bench, or down in Durham.
Even though everyone speaks about our need for some "Solid" starting pitching, I’m enthusiastic about the Kids we have.  And, listening to some of the comments made by Jonny Gomes, I think Maddon is just the man to "Pull a Rabbit out of his hat."  I believe that this staff is going to be the surprise of the AL this year.
Rays Baseball !!    Bring it on !!!   Oh I can hear it now, "Play Ball."